The Mind of Russ
The Mind of Russ
Russ Has OCD

Russ Has OCD


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In this episode of The Mind of Russ podcast, Russ shares his personal journey dealing with anxiety and OCD. He discusses how his condition escalated and led to a panic attack at work, eventually leading to his hospitalization. Throughout his experience, Russ encountered challenges with finding the right therapy, eventually discovering exposure response prevention therapy (ERP) as a pivotal method for managing his symptoms. Russ emphasizes the effectiveness of ERP and the importance of seeking the right professional help for OCD and anxiety. He provides resources and references for those seeking support and encourages listeners to reach out for help, highlighting the message that recovery is possible through effort and appropriate treatment.

The Mind of Russ
The Mind of Russ
Father, husband, OCD sufferer, tech geek, and mental health advocate.
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